Category: Volunteering


Life doesn’t come with a script!

By Le-Anne Fernando

So every time I was asked the question 'why don't you write a blog post for the John Keells Blog?' I always got out of it with my usual 'what do I blog about?' response.

Volunteering to clean up Colombo!

By Abhishek Perera
I first got to know about “No Kunu” initiative, through the John Keells Foundation, when they approached John Keells Group to be involved in their drive to clean up Colombo...

My Plasticcycle adventure!

By Milindu Tissera
One day I was driving down the Southern Expressway and while exiting through Gelanigama, I noticed these elaborate looking green bins placed along the toll booths and thought to myself what a great idea...

Organizing John Keells Foundation’s first public campaign for project WAVE

By Nibasanda Yapa Abeywardana
I joined the John Keells Management Trainee (JKHMT) Programme in August 2016 and all 6 of the JKHMTs were assigned a CSR project as part of our training. I was given the task of organising the very first public campaign of John Keells Foundation (JKF) under Project WAVE (working Against Violence through Education) and I was very anxious...

Hotelier talks………

By Asanka Gunasekera
Staying in a glamorous hotel room, frequenting room service and relaxing with all of the offered amenities may be tranquil for the guest, but ensuring this experience is as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for each guest is a rather strenuous job...