Bringing Home Silver from The Asia Pacific Motorsports Championship 2023, Malaysia


Picture this, the Asia Pacific Motor sports Championship 2023, held in Malaysia. 18 countries from across the Asia Pacific region competing in 14 different motorsports, all to bring home the glory. And I, got to be a part of the team that represented Sri Lanka!

The Sri Lankan contingent, fielded by the Ceylon Motorsports Club (CMSC), comprised 14 different drivers. My best friend, Sam Smith, and I were one of three pairings representing Team CMSC Sri Lanka in the Rally Cup.

The Rally Cup was a two-day event, with the first day being dedicated to a time-speed-distance regularity rally, and the second day comprising of 12 speed stages. To ensure an equal playing field for all, all rally teams were assigned the same make, model, and specification of control car.

The first day of the Rally Cup saw us traversing Malaysia’s vibrant cities and countryside, as we took part in two grueling stages over 200km. The first stage saw two other Sri Lankan teams take the lead.  

However, Sam and I managed to dominate in the second stage of the day with a healthy lead of time and ended the section with the best time. The stage win secured us a silver trophy for the regularity rally. 

Day two was a fresh challenge, with competitors aiming to go flat-out in the tight confines of 12 closed-course speed stages held in and around the Sepang circuit. We had to master a series of tight and technical courses, with co-drivers making our own notes and calling out instructions at high speed. The need to conserve a single set of tires to last the course of the day added an extra element of strategy to the competition. 

We once again managed to prove the might of their partnership. Despite being novices in the speed rally discipline, we managed to secure a third spot at the end of the day, adding another bronze Medal to the tally of team CMSC!

The overall results saw us walk home with a second-overall placing in the final standings!

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts has a great well-being initiative that is designed to assist members of its teams to excel in areas of passion, beyond their work. Through this, I was fortunate to receive a sponsorship that aided in my venture overseas.
Having worked on project cars and being involved in motorsports initiative since years I was a teenager, it was always a dream to represent Sri Lanka on the international stage for motorsports. It is often the case that motorsports are out of reach for most, given the financial investment that goes in to participate let alone be competitive. Despite this, we managed to carve a path via classic car TSD rallying backed by the support of CMSC for grassroots level motorsports to compete internationally.

Having worked at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts for 7+ years, the management and all the various teams have been supportive of our individual dreams, and I am more than grateful for them, as well as for the John Keells Group. I’ve grown within this company, from being an intern who spent time working on project motorbikes and vintage cars, to where I am now.