It’s beginning to look a lot like… More than Just a Workplace!

By Imani Perera

Okay…so I kind of walked into writing a post for the blog, when I mentioned at a discussion, that my six months at JKH were rather overwhelming – in a good sort of way. (Note to self – Stop yakking! Period.)

These first six months took me quite by surprise, because they went beyond my expectation of a typical newbie-induction-to-a-conglomerate. Actually, that; expect the unexpected, is to me, part of what makes JKH different.

What I’ve come to realise is that at JKH, whilst doors of opportunity are plentiful, opening and walking through is a self-driven choice, and the resulting experience – one of a kind!

In an environment conducive to anyone seeking to realise their potential, opportunity is also created to give back, reach out and make a difference.

During this short time I have, joined the collective effort to create awareness on Gender-based Violence, witnessed stunning performances by first-timers to English drama, and, been referred to as “Eye Doctor Auntie” by innocent six-year-old school boys!

Each experience has made me smile, and given me a reason to believe that I can make a difference. It has also driven me to be more determined to seek out and promote a positive change.

Another factor that contributed to the exceeding of expectations, was the JKH people.

There is something almost infectious about the spirit of camaraderie in the Group. Be it in the welcome card on my first day, the Get Well Soon cupcake following a small accident (note of advice; NEVER shut your eyes on a treadmill!), at training sessions in the pool, or rock jamming past midnight in the lunchroom… I’ve experienced a familial spirit that transcends hierarchy, age, and tenure.

The family maybe large but the chummy togetherness is demonstrated unreservedly, be it in the raucous cheering on the rugby grounds, in the animated discussions at a name-the-movie table quiz, or, in the spirited atmosphere on the dance floor – whatever the event!

These days I find myself counting slowly to reaffirm that June to December is in fact just 6 months!

When I joined in June, I would never have imagined that in just six months I would, race competitively at a swimming meet, rap at a panel discussion, fracture a finger, paste stickers on a public bus, wear a turban with luminous pink pants, sing carols with a 50+ voice in-house choir, join Instagram, (or for that matter) write my first blog post!

I knew something was right –that I was enjoying myself, when I stumbled upon a mid-week Poya that had completely missed my usually acutely sensitive weekday-holiday-radar!

Some may think it is the exuberance of a newcomer that lends to such an overwhelming experience, but I feel, it is inevitable to anyone who tries not to swim against the tide here at JKH.