Category: Sports


A Game for Life

By Ashan Peiris

Cricket for me has always been a passion, a training ground for life and most importantly...

My most treasured moments at Keells

By Sandesh Jayawickrama

They say once you find your true passion there’s no going back. I was lucky to have found my passion at a very young age which in fact...

Down memory lane….

By Ruvini Ekanayake
On 22nd of March 2010, when I first stepped into JKH as an intern I never imagined of having a long yet exciting and enjoyable journey with JKH. Just after few months of joining, I heard about the JKH Intercompany Badminton tournament...

My innings at the John Keells’ crease

By Terrence Fernando
“To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat” is a lesson that is etched in my mind. For me a sport is more than just a game. It's full of life lessons about faith, discipline, pride...