What my time at the John Keells Foundation taught me

By : Ashfa Musaddique

My experience as an intern was an adventurous twist to my life journey. Even though work schedules could get tough and the work environment tend to change depending on the project, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of a project, because the culture of the workplace always encouraged and motivated me to remain positive.

I created the foundation for my corporate world by making the first move by joining the team at John Keells Foundation. The interest for this avenue was mainly dependent on the passion towards serving the community for their goodwill. Therefore, when the opportunity came by, I was reluctant to refuse. I have been constantly learning from day one at work, thus I gained hands-on experience by exploring through different initiates by getting involved in as many projects as possible. 

Something I find extra special was that the team always encouraged me to enhance my online based business which is Zash Bakes. I got the opportunity to have a bake sale at the debate competition and I have got many orders through the company as well. The amazing feedback I got from everyone will always be cherished.

It’s all about the attitude that determines one’s positive strength as well as the ability to push through the boundaries and fears as to carry personal growth. The opportunity of being in the team of JKF has become the biggest support for me to excel my skills and become who I am today.