Dancing threads of Ubuntu. Weaving friendships at the John Keells Group.


Ubuntu is whispered wisdom, an ancient truth, that dances through African lands emanating from the Nguni languages of Zulu and Xhosa. In the delicate poetry of existence, Ubuntu whispers, “I am because we are”, unveiling the mirror that reveals our shared reflections, reminding us that in the tapestry of life, our threads are inextricably woven into a masterpiece of unity.

This has been my experience at John Keells.

Curious and ambitious, I embarked upon my journey as an Intern at Group Legal, standing on the threshold of the corporate cosmos which carried the promise of exposure to a world waiting to be unveiled. This led me to Union Assurance, where each challenge, each endeavor became a brushstroke on the canvas of my legal learning. The cosmic cycle brought me full circle, back to the embrace of Group Legal and today I stand as more than an intern, more than an executive, but as a sector Legal Representative, an embodiment of the growth nurtured by the Group.

But it is the people I have met, the minds I have shared aspirations with, that form the nucleus of my narrative. Each individual, each interaction, a thread woven into the fabric of my experience, this is the true definition of Ubundu.  I have learnt that the success of one is the success of all, that the achievements of a single thread add to the brilliance of the John Keells Group.

John Keells is not just a collection of individuals, but a harmonious ensemble that sways to the rhythm of shared goals. We navigate challenges with resilience and celebrate victories with humility. We are united by purpose and compassion. We work side by side, we paint the canvas of success with colors of friendship and camaraderie, we venture forth, not as isolated souls but as a thread of togetherness, a testament to the power of unity within the people of John Keells Group.

Shared lunches become symposiums of laughter, and tea breaks become bridges of connection. Through volunteer endeavors, we are intricately intertwined with purpose, not just enriching ourselves but infusing life at John Keells with compassion. The projects we take on resonate with dedication and knowledge. Ubuntu breathes life into these connections, urging us to look beyond titles and roles, to see the beauty in experiences that each individual brings. It’s in these moments that bonds are forged, and stories are etched onto the pages of our journey.

It reminds us that we are not solitary stars but rather part of a constellation, illuminating the path toward collective success.

This is my journey at John Keells, a chapter being written by the experiences, opportunities and its beautiful people.