My Experience at Voice Sri Lanka

Listening to church choirs as a child awakened my soul and helped me realize my calling: singing. I started as a Chorister, and over the following decade I had the opportunity to lead, guide, and nurture the youngsters of the Our Lady of Lourdes Choir and the Kingdom Youth Choir. My passion for singing did not wane even when I joined John Keells Properties as an Accounts Executive, because I was encouraged by my supervisors and peers to pursue any opportunity to sing! From singing at casual get togethers to performing at Chairman’s Awards for 3 consecutive years, I have always felt my career and work life balance supports my interests as well.

My breakthrough as a singer came about when I was selected to perform at the blind auditions of Voice Sri Lanka in 2021. This was the first time I performed live on stage, and the song I selected was “Romanthika Operawa”. What an experience it was! From all the back-stage activities to wardrobe fittings to hair and make-up, I had a first-row seat to see how a Reality Show is filmed. The amount of planning that goes into these is truly admirable, and I learnt a lot about time management, working under pressure, and being confident in any situation. Following my performance at the blind auditions, I was selected by Coach Kasun Kalhara. He is a renowned artist, record producer, and vocal trainer. Under his guidance, I attended workshops about performing on stage, vocal practices, dynamics, and much more. I performed up to the battle rounds of the competition but was unfortunately eliminated at that point.

However, every raincloud has a silver lining! I received an unexpected call from Coach Kasun himself. I had been selected as a back-up vocalist on the Voice Platform, and I could perform as a back-up vocalist until the Grand Finale. I was ecstatic at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I contributed harmonies and back-up for the contestants performing under all the coaches. The other coaches – Bathiya and Santhush, Sashika, and Umaria – were great sources of inspiration and motivation, and their guidance truly enhanced my potential as an upcoming artist and a human being. I will carry the skills and knowledge I gathered while competing and apply it to my life, both professionally and personally.

The latest step on my ladder to success was the release of my own original song Sudu Sandak Wage on my YouTube channel. This was even aired on Sirasa TV last month which gave me great visibility and satisfaction as a singer. I am grateful that I received the support needed to become a well-rounded and aesthetically enriched individual without having to compromise my career, which is a great advantage of LifeatJKH!