Experiencing Cinnamon!

By Rehan Perera

I wanted to try something new this summer. Fast Track 15 seems the right choice. It is the best opportunity to get an insight to the cultural diversity at work, operations in multiple sectors. Furthermore develop interpersonal, team working and analytical skills.

Fast Track 15 Internship Programme offers the chance to experience life with the ‘Big Players’. Two rewarding weeks at John Keells Group has come to an end. The fifteen interns ran on the fast track of checking out operations at various Group companies. As I bade goodbye to John Keells Group for a two-week session at CTC and thereafter at HSBC, I wanted to write about my experience at one of the John Keells businesses.

Behind the glory and the glamour of Cinnamon Lakeside, staff put on one of the best shows this country has to offer: the Cinnamon experience. We met great people who made us feel like royalty in a family-like atmosphere. As an individual who has only seen one side of the coin, these three days were quite an experience. The fast trackers were escorted around the hotel for hands-on experience in different departments.

The most awaited part of the tour was the exposure to the scrumptious creations of the food and beverage department. Not only did we get a chance to bake Alaska and make Margaritas and Mojitos, we received cooking demonstrations for delicious crepes and French salad from Head Chef Mr. Martin Becquart.

The success story of Lakeside begins with “attention to detail”. It was amazing to witness the intricate planning required to ensure every guest is treated like royalty.

Dinner with General Manager Denis Gruhier was definitely the highlight of my time at Cinnamon Lakeside. He is a very pleasant man with a great sense of humour. Just as many other success stories in the hospitality industry, he started his career as a steward at the Hilton Hotel Chain. We hung on to his words of wisdom, and he changed our mindset to join the leisure industry by convincing us on the career options available.

You just cannot beat the Cinnamon experience!