How John Keells Research shaped me!

By: Vyshaaly Sivakumar

John Keells Research (JKR) is now my second home. In just a span of 1 year and a couple of months, this place has given me so much to learn whether it is career related or as a human being. I can look back at the year I joined and measure how much I have grown as a person since then (by an inch or so-thanks to the new wedge heel shoes!).

Jokes apart, I joined JKR in October 2016. Like every adult who first steps into a corporate world, I was a very shy and timid person. It took me a few months to adapt to the environment and ever since, I have been the happiest, most outgoing person (goodbye introvert self). From participating in various volunteering events to sports activities I have finally managed to break myself out of the “low self-esteem, lack of confidence” bubble (*pop*), credits to my team. Being motivated (rather threatened- in a friendly manner though!) by the team to participate in events that I doubted I could perform-in and taking initiatives to attend CSR events truly helped to identify my weaknesses and to grow as a person.

Having a team that shares the same vibe a you do, is a gift. A conversation during tea that eventually led me and a colleague into organizing a team outing that turned out to be one of the best times of the year was the trip to Ella. Post-work team-outings to watch the FIFA matches, random conversations during tea and putting up decorations for birthdays together have surely made the team bond together stronger. (I promised I won’t mention the bugging!)

At JKR I have had the chance to experience different aspects of the corporate world. Being a part of a research facility that continuously works on generating new ideas to solve real world problems scientifically and then commercializing the ideas, we encounter various problems day in and day out. Although it was quite overwhelming in the beginning to see the number of modifications required and initiatives we had to take to keep our projects alive and running, it has now become a part of my job and has taught me how to be proactive. (I surely have tamed that region of my brain that does the critical thinking!).

Being a part of a team that has people from different field backgrounds and experiences gave me an exposure on areas that I had barely any expertise in and helped me re-shape my thinking process which I believe would assist me in playing a part in achieving JKR’s goal. My experience and learnings at JKR so far have helped me evolve and I believe it would continue.

JKH has proved once again that it is more than just a workplace.