Finding My Purpose: Kicking off My Career at the John Keells Group

Stepping into the corporate world for the first time and starting my first job was a mix of excitement  and nerves. My journey began as an intern at the John Keells Group’s head office in the Corporate Communications department. Over the past ten months, I’ve grown in ways I never expected, thanks to the people and experiences that made this more than just a job.

Walking into the head office on my first day, I was both eager and anxious and, I felt like I had made it to the place where I always dreamt of being a part of. Meeting so many new people was a bit overwhelming, but it quickly became clear that everyone was there to help and support each other. From day one, it felt like joining a big family. My colleagues, who soon started calling me “Nids,” were always ready to offer advice and share their knowledge.

One of the best parts of my internship was working on projects with talented people. Each meeting, brainstorming session, and task was a chance to learn and grow. The guidance I received helped me build my skills and gain confidence.

A highlight of my time so far at the Group was attending the Chairperson’s Awards 2023, my first event with the company. Supporting the planning of the event was an eye-opening experience, observing the meticulous detail our team put into the preparation and collaborating with the event management company to ensure everything ran seamlessly like clockwork. Witnessing the recognition of hard work and dedication was truly inspiring. Other events, like the International Men’s Day forum, Group Carols 2023, and the Centre Functions Year-End Party, were not just fun but also brought everyone closer together. The inside jokes and all the fun and laughter made it more than just a workplace. Secret Santa, team outings, and captaining a team at The Debate 2024 also added to the enjoyment and helped me build lasting relationships.

Supporting the team on the development and execution of the advertising campaign for the John Keells Management Trainee Programme, also known as JKHMT, was particularly insightful, in that it gave me a chance to experience how an end-to-end advertising campaign is done, and showed me the depth of strategic thinking required to develop campaigns of this nature.

Working with the Corporate Communications team was a big part of my growth. Their support and mentorship made a huge difference. Now, as my internship wraps up, I look back on these months with gratitude. The experiences and skills I’ve gained here have set a strong foundation for my career.

I’m thankful for the opportunities and the friendships I’ve made during my stint as an intern at Group Corporate Communications. This journey has shown me that with the right environment and people, you can achieve great things. I’m excited to see what the future holds as I step into my new role at  JayKay Marketing Services and how it will shape the next chapter of my journey in finding my purpose.