HIVE: Connect, Engage, Transform

By Tashya de Silva

What’s the buzz? Early last year the Group Announced an exciting new HRIS implementation; The system would offer best in class practices for the entire HR cycle from Onboarding and Recruitment to Performance Management, Learning & Development and Offboarding. The platform not only empowers employees with ease of access to basic employee requests from leave to visa letters but more transparency and tools to enable their career development, through an advanced performance management system including continuous feedback and the facilitation of informal and formal learning through collaborative social learning platform and much more. As a HR professional, the most exciting aspect is the access to rich data enabling insight for value creation amongst our employees and providing more strategic input for the businesses.

When the competition for naming the system was announced; I knew the options would be endless given the features and benefits of the system. However, narrowing down a name that is both meaningful and representative of the system was difficult. In addition to this, we had to keep in mind that the name should be simple, catchy and easy to pronounce for all employees. My thought process behind this was to identify the key elements of the system and what it represented to me… through various discussions and bouncing of ideas and words amongst fellow colleagues, it finally came to me –HIVE.

WHY HIVE? The idea was inspired by bees. If you imagine a bee hive, you immediately associate a place filled with energy and excitement; thousands of bees working together under one singular vision, with clarity and purpose, they create a source of sweetness and a symbol of ultimate productivity. They are able to achieve greatness despite their small size through the accumulation of their knowledge and skills, transforming their home into an intricate and complex structure.

Similarly, I feel our new HRIS will function like a HIVE-connecting us for greater communication, transparency, collaboration and engagement allowing efficiencies in the way we work, interact and learn from each other. Overtime, this will lend itself to our transformation of the business and its employees as we achieve our business targets and contribute to the organizational success.