Be the person others turn to In a crisis

By Shakeeb Nazeer

Quarantine. Curfew. Work from home. None among us could have predicted that this would be our reality. But the best way to discover yourself is by adapting to an unknown reality.  But how can you trigger this transformation? The first step is to recognize your ignorance and disciplines, your weaknesses and strengths. I observed myself and my emotions during these troubling times, and practiced self-awareness. I tried to visualize my purpose with more precision. I created a foundation for rituals based on my beliefs, values and aspirations. 

Over the last few months, I followed a pattern of daily habits. 

The first thing I do when I wake up is to practice gratitude. I reflect upon what I have, what I’m thankful for and what generates positive emotions in me. I do some cardio afterwards and hit the shower. I have created a motivational and inspirational playlist on an app called TubeMate that allows me to download videos from YouTube, which I play during my early morning routine. 

Afterwards, I usually check my emails and messages, and respond to urgent ones first and then move on to ones that challenge the brain or pique my interest. These require my full attention. I do not attempt to schedule my daily objectives to the most minute detail, but focus on using my time effectively. While I work, sound once again helps me to center myself. I listen to calming tracks. Did you know that the frequencies you pick will alter the state of your brain?  I recommend an app called Atmosphere, which you should check out! It will boost progress and you will notice an improvement in your performance overtime.

I cannot stress the importance of taking a break. However, I prefer not to let numerous distractions steal my energy away. I have limit social media as a personal choice. Technology should not control you. Rather, use them to your advantage. May I suggest some gentle stretching while playing your podcasts playlist? I also take the time to read and watch videos. Monitor an inspirational mentor who will help you realize that there is more to learn and look forward to. An advantage of technology is the automatic recommendation of similar material that might interest you. The trick is to balance the time spent on it. 

Now it is time for a meal. Do not forget to try and eat healthy, and reduce food that make your thoughts cloudy. 

These days, I gather new learnings that break away from marketing in the traditional sense, such as consumer psychology, advance analytics, and digital advancements. There is so much out there, and you should never shy away from broadening your knowledge. Besides that, I keep an eye on economics, especially how the world functions during a time of crisis. Make sure what you pursue is in line with your goals and vision. 

At the end of a day well spent, I find myself on my balcony at sunset listening to orchestral music. It adds a different dimension to life! It helps you to appreciate the smaller things in life, while appreciating someone else’s work. You will associate what you see to the music you listen to. You can create vivid audiovisual memories. Try it. 

Many would say this lifestyle is not ‘normal’. Before the lockdown, we were short-sighted in the way we worked. We expected life to be simple. But that is not the way the world turns. Do not let the nay-sayers around you absorb your energy. Do not leave your future in the hands of destiny. I believe you should become the one others turn to in a crisis in your community. Be that person who works hard to make their lives easier.  

At first you will face obstacles, as people are uncomfortable when they see someone rising above normalcy or averageness. Internally, it will be hard for habits and rituals to take form. If you command higher standards from yourself and those around you, know that you will stand out and attract trouble. Based on my experience, I think of myself as an electric force that positively affects those around me. At the same time, I am a node in a network of diverse individuals. Never think your life does not matter as it barely amounts to anything significant. This is a wrong approach because everything we do has an influence on someone. We are all connected. 

You are the author of your life. Craft it well.