In pursuit of “team work”!

By Indrajith Karunarathna
As employees of John Keells Group, we are blessed with the opportunity to get ourselves involved in group activities. The ultimate aspiration is to confront and conquer all...

My innings at the John Keells’ crease

By Terrence Fernando
“To be humble in victory and gracious in defeat” is a lesson that is etched in my mind. For me a sport is more than just a game. It's full of life lessons about faith, discipline, pride...

Innovation takes root

By Yukthi Gunasekera
In June 2010 a group of young, smart and ambitious Staffers (all of them Assistant Vice Presidents) told Top Management that they felt innovation was a critical ingredient of...

Shooting with Chitral

By Omalee de Silva
Chitral Jayatilake is a well-known nature enthusiast and professional photographer. He also happens to be a committed hand at John Keells. This combination could not be more...