What inspires me as a photographer

By Dananjaya Fernando

My love for photography goes back to the days I was a small kid. I remember taking photos on old film cameras and waiting for days to see the developed pictures. In the early 2010s, I took photos and posted them from my smartphone and shared photos on sites like Flickr as a hobby. With time I started learning the technical aspects of photography. At university I was part of the photography circle and that’s where things got interesting. There were workshops and photography competitions every month, and I got the chance to learn the technicalities from framing to lenses to postproduction. I also got the chance to work with professional equipment.

In 2017 I was able to purchase my 1st camera, an entry level Canon DSLR camera. After that I got to explore so many things in the field of photography from landscapes to macro to long exposure photography. It has been an interesting journey so far. Even though I started photography as a hobby, it quickly became an addiction. Wherever I go, I never forget to take a few snaps.

Photography and my role as a creative lead at John Keells Group go hand in hand. My role as a creative lead requires me to work on effective and functional creative projects that serve a particular purpose. It could be a simple flyer for the internal staff, or a customer facing animated video. I work together with internal and external creative teams to conceptualize, develop, and execute creative projects while aligning them with the brand. Photography helps me to find inspiration for projects that I am part of. The welcoming and inclusive nature at John Keells Group has also helped me see things in a much more open manner. As a result, I have been able to understand situations from different perspectives. It helps me to keep the mind fresh and generate better ideas for photography and also for work.

What inspires me as a photographer is the way a split second can tell stories, the way how it can evoke an emotion or communicate a message. The reaction of the viewer is truly inspirational. Adding to that, learning new skills, challenging myself and my equipment keeps me going too. I believe photography helps you to slow down for a moment to admire the world around you. You start to see the world differently. You start to notice the unnoticeable.

On a finishing note, I would like to say photography could help you in many ways. To relieve stress. To make yourself and others happy and much more. It is something you can try out easily. The camera’s we get on smartphones these days are very capable. Do not let the thoughts of expensive gear and technicalities hold you back. After all, the best camera is the one you have with you!