Life Doesn’t come with a script!

By Le-Anne Fernando

So every time I was asked the question 'why don't you write a blog post for the John Keells Blog?' I always got out of it with my usual 'what do I blog about?' response.

Organizing the Arrow Work-Readiness Workshops

By : Azraa Adjumain

Said Harriet Beecher Stowe, – Harriet Beecher Stowe said “Never give up for that is just the place and time the tide will turn” and that is what organizing these workshops taught me – the perseverance to never give up and this is my experience!


By: Tashya de Silva
What’s the buzz? Early last year the Group Announced an exciting new HRIS implementation; The system would offer best in class practices for the entire HR cycle from Onboarding and Recruitment to Performance Management, Learning & Development and Offboarding.

Volunteering to Clean up Colombo!

By: Abhishek Perera
I first got to know about “No Kunu” initiative, through the John Keells Foundation, when they approached John Keells Group to be involved in their drive to clean up Colombo...

How John Keells Research shaped me!

By: Vyshaaly Sivakumar
John Keells Research (JKR) is now my second home. In just a span of 1 year and a couple of months, this place has given me so much to learn whether it is career related or as a human being. I can look back at the year I joined and measure how much I have grown...

My Plasticcycle adventure!

By: Milindu Tissera
One day I was driving down the Southern Expressway and while exiting through Gelanigama, I noticed these elaborate looking green bins placed along the toll booths and thought to myself what a great idea...

Nietzsche was right, “Without music, life would be a mistake!”

By: Samadhi Tennakoon
A couple of weeks ago, when browsing through our Group Intranet for the latest JKH news, I saw it – an announcement - “Auditions! ‘Seeking exceptional stage performers within JKH, with amazing vocal skills for group and solo performances at Chairman’s Awards 2018!” Yes!! It was that time of the year!

An exciting and challenging journey of a brand transformation!

By: Nilusha Fernando
Last April I got the opportunity to head the project of revamping the Keells Super brand and launching a store with a new look and feel to bring the revitalized Keells brand to life. The journey began with some self-reflection as a business...