Continuing my passion for Hockey at the John Keells Group

“The harder you work, the luckier you get” – Cristiano Ronaldo

I joined Infomate Pvt Ltd in August 2018 as a Process Associate for the local market, and that was one of my greatest achievements, at the age of 20 to be a part of a leading multi-national company.

Being a Hockey enthusiast since the age of nine, I have reached many milestones in life. I started my Hockey career at St. Benedict’s College and carved my way to the top and had the greatest opportunity to captain the senior college side, alongside I was also picked to represent the Junior Sri Lankan side in 2012, 2014 and 2015 which was held in Malaysia. At the age of 18 I was given the privilege to play a vital part for the Colombo HA team in the Junior National’s tournament concluding my Hockey career at the school’s level. 

I started my post school’s Hockey career by representing Old Bens Hockey Club which was one of the sides who played top class Hockey at the top of the club level and has clinched many titles. The experience gained throughout helped me to mould myself to become one of the most successful/competitive players in the game which also helped me in my Mercantile Hockey career.

In 2018 I started playing for the John Keells Group. Ever since then, the team has been nothing but supportive and has helped me immensely to take over to be the captain of JKH Mercantile Hockey side from 2020 onwards. Although there was very little Hockey played due to COVID, the team has never let me or the Group down, but ensured to keep everyone united by attending to all the practice sessions conducted and keeping the team spirit high. 

As a result, the John Keells Group team became the Mercantile League (2022) Runners-Up after 16 long years which truly was a proud moment for the JKH family. 

I also was highlighted by the Mercantile Hockey Association and was asked to be a committee member which I accepted with no hesitation.

Having said all that, none of this would have been achieved if not for the support given by the management and the Group itself. It is always a hard task to have the perfect work-life balance. However, with the great working environment at Infomate, it has helped me to be the best version of myself and better manage work, as well as life – specially by enabling work-from-home and facilitating all what’s needed. 

The John Keells Group is truly more than just a workplace and I am truly honoured to be a part of the family.